PlaneUpload – FREE html upload widget

PlaneUpload ( is a free html upload widget, that keeps your files in your cloud account. It can be Dropbox, Amazon S3, (S)FTP Server or Google Drive. Installation is very easy – based on copying and pasting the code. You can replace your standard file uploader to more advanced one – for free.

PlaneUpload infographic


  • Multiple file uploading
  • Drag & drop
  • Automatic ZIP compression
  • Automatic backup to the other cloud
  • Comments
  • Logs

Check out this 1 min explaining video:


PlaneUpload customization

There you can change almost anything:

  • Allowed file size
  • Allowed file types
  • Target cloud & directory
  • Colors
  • Even apply your custom CSS code


This is very easy. The simplest way is to create a new button and click “Download prepared code”. It will download a ZIP package with ready to use code, and some case examples as form attachments and API usage (with already generated API key for you).

PlaneUpload download prepared code

How to install the widget? Check out this 5-min installation video:


API calls

You can create a new button here that uploads files to directory you specify, download files, check logs and many more. After clicking on “Open docs” of API key, you get documentation with copy/paste code examples (your API key is already included here).

PlaneUpload API example